Solaris System Administration Help

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Matt's Script Archive
GetScript CGI Scripts

FTP Sites

HTML Examples

HeraldLink -- Front Page
Package Tracking
Alpha Phi Omega - Xi Delta
Fuzz's APhiO Pages
Atlantic Records Home Page
Frames -An Introduction

Mail Management

WWW Mailing Lists Archives & References at MPE
HOW TO .. WWW mailing list archive at MPE
Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
Integrating Pine and PGP (on Unix)
Pretty Good PGP Reference Card
The IMAP Connection
Solstice Intranet Management Products: Solstice Internet Mail Server v2.0
MailServ mailing list gateway
CREN Listprocesor

Oracle and Other Databases

Webinator Web Index System
Underground Oracle FAQ: Oracle WWW Links
The mSQL Information Page
Oracle Corp
SQL jump page
Oracle Education
Apache/Perl Integration Project
The Apache/Perl Module List
Acquiring Perl Software
DBI Mailing Lists
Underground Oracle FAQ: Oracle WWW Links
Welcome to NeoWebScript

Software Distribution

World Date Products for SUN/SGI
Vibrant Products for SUN/SGI
CMP Express
DCI Expo
Catalogs with Hardware & Software
Midwest Micro
Hard Drive Northwest
PC Mall
CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse
MicroWarehouse Inc.
Black Box Catalog
Communication Week Interactive Home
Personal Software Links
PINE Information Center
HTML Assistant Pro 97
Search & Replace
Parsons Technology
WinTalk for Microsoft Windows


`procmail' Mailing List Archive
Procmail Spam Filter: "The Spam Bouncer"
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Procmail FAQ
procmail into workshop
Infinite Ink's Processing Mail with Procmail
Sample Procmailrc file
Procmail Links
Alcor On-Line Help: Electronic Mail
Jari's Procmail Page


CD-Recordable FAQ
Personal Bookmarks

Remote Monitoring



Personal HTML Help Resources
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
HTML Quick Reference (including Explorer and Netscape extensions)
Another HTML Quick Reference Guide
Patrick's Telecommunications Plethora (Gateways)
File Types: Instructions and Solutiosn
Compression and what to do about it | PC & MAC | VMS | * | * | *
Reccomended Unix Tools
MIME Information
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
NSCA HTTPd Access Configuation
htaccess for Webserves
How-To Redirect - *
URL Minder
Web Counter
Smart Business Supersite: Doctor HTML
Latex Help
Latex Help 2


USA Samba Information

Unix System Administrator's Resource Center
Unix Tutorial
A good place to start
Unix Computer System Help
Networking: Anixter
Networking: AMP
SysAdm Magazine Web Site
Inside Solaris Journal Archive

Windows NT

SAMBA Digest Archive - May 1997: Status of NT 4.0 SP3 Implementation
Nigel William's Home Page
Index of /~williams/nisgina-current
NISGINA Modification by Gernot Bauer
NT FAQ at SavillTech
BootPartion in Windows NT

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